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Badania naukowe

Obszar badań: Computational Science
Specjalizacja: High performance scientific and engineering computing
Temat badań: Parallel large-scale finite element simulations

Główne zadania: Develop algorithms and parallel implementations for finite element technical simulations. The work concerns grid generation and adaptivity, creation of systems of linear equations for weak formulations of initial boundary value problems in science and engineering, solution of large, sparse systems of linear equations, visualization of results.

Najważniejsze wyniki:

  • Parallel implementation for the GMRES method with multigrid preconditioning
  • Parallel implementation for 3D discontinuous Galerkin approximation
  • hp-adaptive algorithms and implementation for non-stationary heat transfer nad Stokes' problem
  • Parallel implementation for preconditioned non-linear Stokes' problem
  • Implementation of dynamic parallel adaptivity for 3D meshes
  • Component architecture for parallel finite element codes
  • FEM parallel numerical integration of elements' stiffness matrices on Nvidia GPUs (with CUDA and OpenCL) and IBM Cell B.E.
  • Parallel multigrid on GPUs and IBM Cell B.E. (work in progress)
  • Parallel and sequential compressible gas flow simulations by the adaptive finite element method
  • Subsurface flow simulations using discontinuous Galerkin approximation
  • Dynamic adaptation of finite element meshes in simulations of transient processes
  • Design of modular architecture for parallel finite element codes

Wybrane projekty naukowe:

  • Program Polskie Sztuczne Serce - artificial heart implant FEM numerical model implementation (as a part of the Department of Applied Computer Science and Modelling research group directed by prof. dr hab. Maciej Pietrzyk).
  • FEM welding simulation for aviation industry.
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